Inner Shift Music

Inner Shift Music 009 – Ewan Jansen – Return to Hyperbola

The first Inner Shift encounter with Ewan Jansen was several years ago on a pair of test pressings, from Mike Grant of Moods and Grooves. The label hadn’t even begun yet, but Ewan created a lasting impression that eventually came to pass in 2017. Enter: “Return to Hyperbola”. The first track in, you get a good tech house / deep house vibe called Docking Lane, fully equipped with lovely atmospheres, a driving kick and intelligent chords. Next is Bulkhead, mainly defined by a full-sounding, broken beat rhythm and expressive keyboards. B1 is Deceleration, another 4-4 deep house number, but with a subtle quirkiness and over all moody feel. On the B2 is Perspex, featuring a funky bass, nice pads and elevating keyboard part. Don’t miss out, Ewan never fails to impress.

About Ewan:

Ewan Jansen is an electronic music recording artist from Australia. Although he is usually found in the deep house section, he is known for creating a whole range of styles. From abstract to ambient, tech-house and experimental he demonstrates his diversity and musical ability. He started his own label in the late 90’s called “Red Ember Records”. In 2004 – 2005 he recorded an album called “Blue Line Summer” for Moods and Grooves records. Ewan sat out from the music scene for several years to follow, but recently people have discovered what a treasure his music really is and he’s been on a roll since 2015. Today you will find Ewan’s releases on labels like Hardworksoftdrink, Inner Balance, Going Good, Adelaide Soundworks and his own imprint “Red Ember”. You can find out more from his discogs page here: